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Physical Strength vs Energy Strength

Since ancient times, there have been words about energy in Asia. Masters created energy developing practices called Qigong, and taught techniques to their students. It is different from energy than people get in everyday activities such as eating, drinking, and sleeping. This special energy is called Jinki in Qigong training.

When one accumulates a certain level of Jinki (True Energy), he goes to the next energy level called Gongnyok. It has two parts: Negong (Energy Strength) and Wegong (Physical Strength). Wegong is the training of direct movement of physical muscles, bones, organs and skin tissues. It is called physical strength and reflects external force. It helps to maintain physical health.

Negong grows inner power by awakening the energy system of the body, Danjeon (Dantian) and Chakra. It requires deep concentration and development of the 6th sense. Breathing and meditation Qigong and Taichi training are training to grow Negong. In fact, Negong and Wegong cannot be separated because one needs both a strong body and peaceful mind to continue energy training.

If you do not know about Negong and only focus on the Wegong, you will have a sense of emptiness that does not know your true nature of energy. Even if you are too immersed in Negong training, it is easy to lose reality, and have self-righteousness. In the past, people moved their bodies more than modern people. There was a lot of interaction with nature, and they were able to start their Negong training the right way. Modern people use their head too much, but do not move their body as much. The balance is broken. We need a harmonious relationship between energy strength and physical strength.

Riverflowholistic combines Korea's unique internal energy strength training and Western-style physical training to train your internal and external power in harmony.

As dawn can only be seen by those who open their eyes at dawn, Happiness in life is made by a man who realizes it.

Training the Negong and Wegong is never easy to achieve, nor does it work in a day. It’s a lifelong task.

The reason why our lives can be beautiful and can flow constantly is because we are awake and have a human will to grow.

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