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Ja Song Won

“Only I can create action, and everyday is a new opportunity for positive, meaningful action to emerge from within me.”

Born in Yecheon, Korea, Sun Hwan Lim (Spiritual name is Ja Song Won) has been practicing and teaching holistic Ki (Qi) Gong, Tai Chi training since 1995. Master Ja Song Won also completed a master Ki (Qi) Gong, Tai Chi course in September 1997, South Korea. In 1999 in Seoul, South Korea, Ja Song Won earned Whalgongsa — a certificate on Korean traditional healing massage.

Master Ja Song Won took Sivananda Yoga Teacher's Training Course (TTC) in the Bahamas.

Since 2006, he has managed Holistic Ki (Qi) Gong, Tai Chi  Healing Centers throughout New York, New Jersey and Charlotte, North Carolina.

After 2020 pandemic, he moved to Sacheon city in Korea.

Now he is managing Ki (Qi) Gardening Center which is helping people by health, life, and fortune consulting service with Asian concept of naturalism based on Yin & Yang 5 Elements philosophy.

He's specialty is health workshop, guiding members on how to achieve happiness, health, and wealth through oriental principles and training. His classes are dynamic and focus on circulation. In the last 25 years, more than 1,000 people have taken Ja Song Won's courses. These members have a special place in his heart to this day. Ja Song Won welcomes all peoples to be opened-minded and try one of his classes, which are guaranteed to better circulation, lighten the shoulder area, and decrease stress.

Juyoung Moon

“We can only feel complete through love.”

Juyoung Moon began her holistic journey 20 years ago, when she taught Brain Education at the Ye Sol Art Institute, in Pusan, South Korea. Prior to commencing training, Juyoung Moon felt a missing essence inside, but realized the Chakras energy growth system in her body though Brain Education. In 2003, Juyoung Moon graduated from Master Healer Course, in Pusan, South Korea.

Juyoung Moon has trained intensely for the past 15 years in holistic Ki (Qi) Gong, Tai Chi, Healing, Meditation, Anatomy, Alignment, Therapeutics, Philosophy and Tao. In 2006, she graduated and holds a certification in Massage Therapy course from Sun Institute, New Jersey. Recently in 2017, Juyoung Moon took Sivananda Yoga Teacher’s Training Course (TTC), in the Bahamas.

Juyoung Moon has managed Holistic Ki (Qi) Gong, Tai Ch Healing Centers in New York and New Jersey, for more than 15  years. In her happy-toned classes, she can make her members feel welcome and relaxed, while activating their growth system in their bodies through playful groundedness and mindfulness movement. Specific attention to injuries and therapeutics are some of Juyoung Moon's specialties for healing. Juyoung Moon believes we are the best hope for world betterment, and she can provide guidance to unlock the potentials within oneself.

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