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Feeling, Circulating, Invigorating

Yoga for us is a gateway and a spiritual exploration of a larger piece of holistic healing and it helps in energy balancing of the physical aspects. Every yoga class includes physical training, breathing, and energy meditation. It’s a combination of Korean traditional holistic training and Asian yoga. These classes accommodate members of all ages, body types, and fitness levels, who can participate comfortably at their own pace. Each class lasts about 1 hour.



Focus, Discipline, Balance

This class includes the basic philosophy of taoism and yoga but with Deeper Qi Gong training for the body, mind, spirit, deep core training, proper posture, proper breathing, and meditation.

The class is based on extensive knowledge of theory of yin-yang & 5elements, meridian and chakras system to provide individuals with the skills to develop stability, strength and balance, as well as bring enhanced mindfulness not only to our class time but also to other daily activities.



Relaxed Concentration | Meditation in Movement

A systematize class that focuses more on posture in the beginning but eventually will create your own inner energy and outer space. It is the “Supreme Ultimate Martial Art.” We do Ki (Qi) Gong / Tai Chi as an exercise for health and relaxation, not as self defense or competition. It was originally developed to eliminate sickness and promote longevity. You can apply this training to your life through principles of non-force, yielding and neutralizing incoming power along with sensitivity and energy harnessing. The well-known phrases: “Four ounces repels a thousand pounds” and “Invest in a Loss” are the basis of the practice. 



Relaxation and Breathing: Gentle Presence

Knowing when to rest is a deep practice. Sometimes we try too hard in our practice or we work too much without mindfulness; thus we become tired very easily. We pay attention to the rhythm of your body and mind through mindfulness movement and breathing. Deep Relaxation/Breathing is a practice of resting and healing in our life. This class allows you to listen deeply to our bodies. You learn to be gentle with yourself and to give yourself space to understand and to grow. This class is also a good fit for people recovering from injuries or surgeries.

Meditation: You Are More Than Your Mind and Beyond

(For Intermediate Yoga Members)

Meditation is the continuous practice of deeply touching and embracing our life in every moment of daily life. The basic format of this class is bowing meditation, study of Jnana yoga (wisdom of Yoga), Mantra, and Pranayama.



  • Bowing — the most beauty of understanding

  • Yin/Yang Diet

  • Healing Water

  • Opening Chakra

  • Self-Healing

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