Depending on your training level and purpose, we can help you grow and fulfill your potential.


Private classes are a good fit for people who are not able to attend regular scheduled group classes or require personal attention.



Using a variety of alternative therapies we help you develop a specialized program so you can strengthen your body and mind to maintain health for life. It is lifestyle focused on wellness and natural therapies through acupressure, massage, energy healing, yoga therapy, health coaching and position therapy.

Individual sessions can focus on specific ailments including but not limited to: back problems, injury rehabilitation, pain (in general), headache/migrane, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis (MS), stress-management, insomnia, anxiety, depression — while also including your personal fitness goals.


We believe healing takes place on three levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. Behind every physical pain, there is an emotional pain. Behind every emotional pain, there is a broken spirit. We care for your suffering and we can help you address the cause and make a shift. Spiritual Healing combines physical training, energy training, and the principles of life.



We focus on how to reconnect one's own innate wisdom that intuitively understands the natural progression of birth through the sensitization of body and energy. Specifically, through vital energy ‘Ki’, the mother can communicate with the developing baby in the uterus based on their highest consciousness. Teaching this process is our specialty.


The sessions are 1-on-1 or a small group, and include gaining knowledge, learning techniques, and building body condition during each trimester, as well as safe delivery. We use meridian stretching, yoga, tai chi, breathing, meditation, and massage in the session.