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I'm not alone !

by Luana Salucci

The moment I walked through that door I understood that I was in the right place.

River Flow Holistic center was located in a quiet area of Charlotte, a small studio with big windows and fresh, natural air. I found them online, I would say it was a coincidence, but I believe it wasn’t!

Juyoung Moon met me at the door and I felt a real, warm and loving energy in her hug (aw, I miss hugs soo much!). The check-up session is one of the best moment impressed in my mind. I felt welcomed and seen as never before, probably in my entire life. We talked a lot and I also cried a lot! I remember tears and laughs there. And it was only the beginning. If I’d to pick a word for my past year and so with Juyoung Moon and Master

River I’d say: growth. I faced all my ups and down about energy, vitality, emotions and feelings.

Classes change day by day, based on people’s needs and physical condition. They always asked me “How are you today?” before class, and that made the difference between them and other studios I’ve been before. They want to know each other, they know every person’s name. They really care about you and I can say, when you feel lost or anxious in your life, that’s very important. I trusted them and they gave me a lot of tools to become the master of my life. They don’t teach you, they let you feel what you need to feel.

When I came there, I was scared and I struggled with anxiety. I found a family, a place where I could be myself, where I felt safe. I learned how to feel energy, and how to manage it. Their practice is a mix between Tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga. I also learned tapping techniques and how to meditate. The most important thing I learned is how to feel grounded, because you need to start from your roots, from your feet. You need to gain strengthen in your foundation in order to build stability of your mind. I’ve never

paid this kind of attention to my feet before lol! They are extremely important and they can be the mirror of your mental condition!

The motto of the classes is…have fun and smile! Through enjoyment you can really learn how to be in love with life! And Master River loves make jokes and always invites us not taking it too seriously! Even when he forces us to do hundreds of squats or 100 jumps! I promise, you will do it and still smile!

Juyoung Moon is the most loving person I’ve ever known. She is a concentrate of strength and care. She loves people and people love her, it’s impossible not to feel it. Every private session is a shower of love, really. I reached her out dozens of times and she always know how to make me feel better.

I think the biggest part of their teaching is to let people discover their path and their mission in this world. It’s not about postures and sequences, it’s about growing and become responsible of your own life. It’s acquiring the tools to bring at home, in real life. It’s working on your discipline and habits.

Knowing your body and your energy. Going deeper into your mind and pull out your potential.

Have I changed my life with them? Yes. Am I done with learning? Of course not! Their experience is something that you can’t learn through books, but I’m grateful for meeting them and for being part of the process. I’m still learning everyday from them and from myself, but now I know that I can do it and that I’m not alone!

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