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What if I become an empty boat?

Updated: May 25, 2023

There is a story like this in Tao Te Ching.

When we are boating or rowing on the river, if an empty boat comes from the other side and collides with it, we don't say anything.

When a boat with people comes and crashes into it, it makes a displeased sound.


Because there are people on board.

People don't blame the empty boat

But they get angry and make noise at boats with people on them.

Because ’I‘ am in my boat, it is always noisy.

What if I become an empty boat?

If we empty ourselves and become an empty boat and flow along the river, there will be no collision with anyone or suffering...

도덕경에 이런 이야기가 있어요.

강에서 배를 타거나 노를 저을  반대편에서  배가와서 부딪히면 우리는 아무 말을 하지 않지만 누군가사람이  배가 와서부딪히면 언짢은 마음으로 소리를 낸다


 배에는 사람이 타고 있기 때문이지요.

 배에는 탓을 하지 않지만

사람이  배에는 화를 내고 소리를 내지요.

나의 배에는 내가 있기 때문에 항상 시끄러워요.

내가  배가 되어버린다면?

스스로가 나를 비우고  배가 되어 강물 따라 흐르면누군가와의 부딪힘도괴로움도 생기지 않으리니

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