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I met Angels in Charlotte NC.

Are there any beautiful, wonderful moments in someone's not a long life?

I spent exactly three years from 2017 to May 20 in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina.

And there I met beautiful people who thought there was someone like this in the world.

It gave life's unforgettable exciting experiences, as if the wrong train was scary but it showed new world.

Their Hi! How are you? is very special.

Usually other people just say hello, but they really want to ask.

The people I met in Charlotte,

When it was difficult, they were neighbors who walked with each other, and the very 'family' in the meaning of cherishing.

Their pure smiles and warm hearts shattered selfish prejudices against Americans.

If Corona hadn't been jealous of Charlotte's love,

I would have lived with them for a long time.

The 2020 pandemics that hit the world were bound to keep such lovely lovers away.

It is good to meet a person without calculation.

Our hearts close at the moment of rolling our heads and knocking on our calculations.

Charlotte's pure friends told me that.

And even if they are far away, I feel their clear souls.

I can't go back to that time.

You can't meet them, but the time in Charlotte is a wonderful moment in life, a beautiful memory.

Everyone is trying to live our life.

And we try to live a happy life.

To be a beautiful person to someone, to meet beautiful people, is a very happy, very attractive thing to do.

A kind and warm big love makes everyone happy.

I learned true love in Charlotte NC.

I could not even dream of meeting Charlotte.


I met those beautiful people in Charlotte with my eyes open.

The best angels of my life, Charlotte.

Always be healthy and happy.Thank you

May God bless Charlottean!

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River and Juyoung positively touched my life in so many ways, as I am sure they did to everyone they met. I was glad to have known them and know they will continue to sparkle like the stars wherever they are.

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