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How to manage your health in the second half of your life

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

From morning to night until I fall asleep, I don't sit still for a while, and I spend a lot of my life.

If I try to live like that, my body and mind will get tired, and my energy, which has run out. It seems like I need to meet someone and have a drink. Whether I go shopping or travel, I have to eat delicious food to be compensated. It's like, The food at this time has to be sweet and salty, and it seems to feel full in the stomach only when it is fried and oily like fried chicken. The hypnosis that I live hard, and the illusion that I should be rewarded for it, sweetly fools our brains, even though we know that the more this happens, the more dangerous it is to our body. we easily believe I'm living my life to the fullest right now...

Get to know my body again.

This pattern of life continues even when you exercise.

Moderate exercise and rest give vitality to the body, but exercise that is not suitable for the body only stresses the body and has the opposite effect of exercise. There are many people who believe that exercise only requires sweating, and that exercise only works when there is a stimulating feeling that the muscles are about to burst. And then you say this. I am living my best life right now... .

We must see how dangerous the best with not knowing about our condition.

If you want to go to space, it's like you first need to know how to take care of earth you live on.

Our body doesn’t like extreme exercises than I thought.

Sometimes the body gives us more just by listening to our own breathing.

Energy follows the mind. New energy springs from the peace of mind.

It's time to run away from exercise that burns and replenishes energy endlessly that created by media and commerce.

We need to stop unnecessary wasted and leaking energy. And, you should pay attention to how you can efficiently collect new energy.

Stay away from anything in excess.

Overwork, excessive sex, talking, stimulant food, and everything too sensuous, sounds, light, wavelengths, etc. disturb our body's balance.

Do not shower or have sex, especially when you are too hungry or full and when you are drunk.

The key to health is balance and harmony.

Greed, especially in the second half of your life after your fifties, is the source of all illnesses.

Gather your energy.

You have to practice like that.

To do that, You have to put your mind on your body. Energy comes from the mind.

Now you have to love yourself as you are. Not because I'm not good enough, but because it's my precious life.

Follow the rules of life every day with a heart of love.

Qigong Lifestyle rules for the second half of life.

1. Do Qigong stretches before and after bed.

2. Walk 300 steps after eating.

3. Think less and have less sex and smile more and share more.

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