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Healing in Autumn - Longevity Lifestyle

Autumn in Korea (33-43 N) lasts approximately 73 days from 30 August to 10 November.

Autumn is Metal in the Five Elements philosophy, and Metal is related to the lungs and large intestine. its nature lowers and accepts energy, and has clear but strong characteristics.

In autumn, lung and large intestine diseases are likely to occur.

When the Metal energy in the lungs becomes stronger, liver becomes weak, which can lead to liver and gall disease.

Symptoms such as so-called 'PeSilGanHeo' (weakened liver if the lungs are strong) may appear, and symptoms such as side pain, cough, asthma, pneumonia, colon disease, constipation, anemia, vision loss, neuralgia, and arthritis may occur.


Since the energy of autumn is a time to converge and descend the Yang energy,

You have to calm your mind as if you're adapting to it.

In autumn, you need to calm your mind, avoid dizzying energy, maintain harmony with the autumn energy, do not get distracted by things outside, and clear your lungs.  This is the way of healing in autumn.

Autumn needs to protect the Yang energy so get up early and go for a light walk, but go to bed early.  Therefore, it is necessary to protect the Yang energy by refraining from strong exercise, labor, and sex life.

With regards to food

It is necessary to reduce the spicy food related to the lungs, press the lungs with bitter food that enters the heart, and help the liver with sour food.

Autumn is the season of harvest, so eat enough nutrients, but don't overeat.

Also, knowing that this life today is a gift from everyone who knows me, and living each day faithfully with a grateful heart every day is the best way to cure autumn.

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