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For the past 25 years, Ja Song Won has been providing fortune consulting based on the Yin-Yang Five Elements philosophy, as well as individual customized training, Ki Gardening (Energy Management training with Ki (Qi) Gong, Tai Chi, Holistic Yoga) and Ki Crafting (Customized Self Training and Healing) to those who want to find the direction of their lives.

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Sung Hwan Lim

(Spiritual name is Ja Song Won)

Juyoung Moon

“I had a painful experience that a river from my childhood disappeared because of people’s greed. When the flow of that beloved river stopped, so did my treasured memories. I believe when we sense our inner being and connect with the rhythm of nature, we can transcend and improve ourselves and the world around us.”

"We bring to you, a background with more than 15 years in Yoga, Tai Chi, Ki (Qi) Gong, meditation, healing, and massage. We have always taught in this field, thereby bringing our passion of the workings of the human mind, body, and spirit, to our own holistic practice. Actually, it happened naturally, like River’s Flow.”



Our vision is to awaken mindfulness within and allow members to embrace the path of self-realization through balance in all aspects of life. In essence, there are no limits to member's self-realization, healing, and self-journey towards the betterment of everything “you” and everything around “you” — we are all cosmically connected — feel the energy, like a river's flow.

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